Monday, February 5, 2018

Rebirth and Revival

   Sitting stationary as the ethers of the mystic swirl fervently around me
   Increasing the awareness of my surroundings,
   My senses protruding like non obstructed radio antennas
   My brain waves ebbing and flowing, undulating frequencies
   Dissasemblance and reassemblance of self,
   Disintegration and reintegration of self
   I long to burn off all layers of falsities, I strive to die so that I can truly live
   Bending the bars of my prison, breaking free from the self created chains that bind
   Dissolving all illusions of space and time
   Searching and scanning this dimensional realm for others whose hearts bleed with light
   On a quest for the brightest dawn after the darkest of nights
   I open my eyes to see with my second sight
   Truths begin unveiling themselves, unraveling and unfolding before me
   A spiritual force I notice at work in the background, working silently and diligently to transmute and transform me
   My walls are tumbling down as my heart breaks wide open
   All deluded misconceptions and false realities effortlessly being broken
    I throw aside all hindrances, no longer am I stifled
    It's time to surrender to rebirth and revival

Friday, January 19, 2018


   When we are able to come out of our perspective of our individual existence in a body, we can collapse our identities and merge into singularity, into God consciousness. Where we can truly experience oneness and die a material death, being spiritually reborn into a realm of blended energies, no duality or polarities, our inner sanctuary of samadhi.
We must shake off our expectations, prior conceptions and identifications. We must remove our perception deception tinted glasses, recede into nothingness, merge into oneness. We all have that spark of divinity within us, beckoning us to pick up our flint and steel, transmute that spark into an eng
ulfing and all encompassing flame. The spark of divinity can dispel all darkness, remove all obstacles, lift all veils of illusion. We must journey to our atman - our true selves. Destined we are to return home, likened to an undeniable magnetic pull towards truth. The main focus of our lives, the most important aspect of our existence, should be to better know our true selves, to move towards achievement of samadhi. ..

Friday, August 26, 2016

Love Hurts

   Inspiration is creeping up like clouds in a boundless sky

   I'm resisting the urge to cower in a corner and cry

   There's so much more to life than meets the eye

   I find solace in the menagerie of the moonlit sky

   Why does melancholy ache so bad?

   You're the only truth I've ever known, the only love I've ever truly had

   My heart needs stitching,  needs to mend

   I'll write a letter to you but will never actually send

   This hurts so bad, my aching heart is severed

  I wish I could let go, but I'll love him forever

Monday, August 22, 2016


   This divine thing that we have between us can only be described as interstellar and sublime.  To even begin to try to comprehend and explain the innermost and unfathomable depths of my heart and my feelings I feel for you is in no way able to be described in words. I know that I would only be able to physically show you when we are finally together, through eye contact physically and demonstrative acts of love, and it's a challenging job though through just written or spoken words.     

   You make my heart soar, set it ablaze,  to undesirable heights and you burn like a fire inside of my spiritual temple which is what encompasses my soul. You have helped to have the complete confidence in the blatantly true, intense, spiritual love that cannot be explained in any way with normal comprehension. 

   I just ask that you can find the courage to put your true faith in me - in Us - because what we have is otherworldly and absolutely attainable and sustainable.                    

   My love, you are more than the mere words  "soulmate", I can not even attempt to describe what you are to me. You are my twin flame, my other half , my strengths where I am weak and my hope when I am desolate and in despair. I really hope that I can do the same for you as you have done over and over again for me and I wouldn't trade all of the pain in the world at any time that I have experienced in this relationship to trade it in for a life without you, my partner for life.

   Words like "I love you" don't even seem like enough.  I would shout it out to the world to profess my deep love, respect, and compassion that I hold dearly for you. Just in saying that I am beyond feeling blessed that I have finally found my other spiritual half, I will always think of ways that I can express it more. I do believe that we have manifested each other and it is overwhelmingly breathtaking.  I so look forward to going through this journey called life with you, I would be and already am, so honoured to be the love of your life as well.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Never Compromise Your Soul

   I have been wanting to write this one for awhile, I believe that we all must take heed to this message. Everyone, every person, music, television show, movie...everything that we consciously  choose to surround ourselves with is going to vibrate at a certain level, a certain frequency. If we are choosing low frequency people to surround ourselves with, it can be very detrimental to our state of mind.

   We need to practice self love and in aquiring that, we can love ourselves enough to never sacrifice our inner peace to appease another by resigning to spend our time with them. We are good enough, we do deserve to be happy.

   I have gotten myself into situations with people that I have known can only bring me down and then have gotten angry with  myself for agreeing to spend time with them because I was scared of hurting their feelings or didn't want them to feel lonely. That's never a good mind space to be in.

   Something that I thoroughly enjoy now more than ever, is my own solitude. I enjoy myself and love myself now more than ever. It's quite difficult to find people that truly unconditionally love you and vibrate at a high frequency, who will encourage positive growth and learning, and who appreciate the beautiful being that you are.

   All I can say is that anything that brings us down, anything that does not serve us positively, does not belong in our mind space. We must nurture our soul and our soul is the one thing we can't compromise. ..

Friday, April 22, 2016

Randomness and Non-Dissonance

I have come to a recent epiphany about life due to some recent multiple personal experiences.  I have come to the conclusion that if i have any rules, schedules,  or dissonance to doing something that doesn't feel comfortable or familiar or habit, I am truly denying myself of some very important feelings and experiences. I have recently agreed to do things, try things,  engage in things that I was originally in resistance to. After reluctantly accepting these other ideas and paths, I have come to the conclusion that I sincerely and surprisingly enjoyed these alternate activities immensely, random, non conventional to myself activities or paths have ultimately ended up making me feel so grateful that I did it, made me feel so alive and carefree. Don't place so many rules and standards on your life and you just may be refreshingly surprised and enlightened! !!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Twin Flame

     Twin flames you ask? Yes it is a term that was new to me about a year ago and then I started seeing it all over the place. I didn't really know what to make of it at first but it has changed my life in ways unimaginable since I have met mine.
     This other half of me, this man is something out of a childhood dream,  someone that I've always prayed and dreamed for, but whom i never thought actually existed. It is eerily and uncannily scary how much of a mirror he is to my own soul. This man scares the hell out of me because he is so real and coincidentally it's because he's so real that i can't turn away from this. 

     I am about to make some seriously severe and profound life decisions because of this man, to be with this man, physically reunited, things that I would never even consider following through with for ANYONE else. I am going to be moving halfway across the world to be physically with my twin flame again.

     I already know how insane this sounds to any ordinary bystander, anyone else, but the reality of this situation is too real that mere words couldn't even come close to describing. These words are coming out on paper so quickly, easily and freely because I speak the truth.

   So thank you Adam Beamsley for coming back into my life, for reuniting with my soul and stealing my heart. I love you more than words, facial expressions, body language could ever match. Till the end of time, your hand in mine, we'll walk this path and dance with the divine.